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Enlarging your penis naturally at home

Concerns about penis size affect men’s sexual satisfaction, and leads to low self-esteem, stress and inferiority complex. This can be addressed at home without having to go under the doctors’ knife. So how do you enlarge your penis without resorting to surgery? Andrologists advise men to wear a penis extender. This device, which has gone through the necessary clinical trials, is based on a technique borrowed from plastic surgery. Prolonged use of this technique adds length and girth to your penis, and maintains these changes forever.

The penis enlargement is based on a technique in which the penile tissues are stretched under a certain intensity and duration to accelerate cell division. This principle was laid in the creation of penis extenders and each subsequent model extender corrected errors in the previous one, thereby providing a more comfortable effect on the penis, reliable grip, and best result – more increase over a shorter period of time.

Now, the most common extender model in the market is the vacuum-based extender. It is a latest-generation device, which differs from the strap and flagellar extenders not only in the way it grips the penis, but also in that it provides a more comfortable sensation during use. This is a very important difference given that an extender needs to be worn from four to six hours daily. In addition, such models provide better tension, thus greater growth.

* The results are individual in nature and depend on many factors, such as: age, genetic predisposition to a large penis, sleep patterns, exposure to stress, bad habits such as smoking, etc.

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The appearance of penis extenders has now resolved the question of whether it is really possible to increase the penis size without going under the knife. These devices are based on the known plastic surgery method. They provide stable increase after a month wearing them. Their effectiveness has been confirmed by hundreds of andrologists and thousands of men using them in everyday life.

It is the dream of a great number of men who are not satisfied with the size of their penis to enlarge it. This dream can now be realized much easier. However, you can't do without patience and sticking to the rules. Daily use of the extender would permanently get rid of the feeling of inferiority complex about the length and girth of your penis. It would also change the anatomical shape of your penis for the better.

Check out various forums, read the feedbacks on the Internet and ask experts of how effective the penis extender is. Those who are really familiar with this device knows its mechanism of action and would tell you how effective it is in increasing your penis size. Your penis would increase both in length and in girth – about 30% of the original size.

Break the cycle of unsuccessful relationships with women that end after sex. Regain your high self-esteem, become more confident. The extender is a real solution to penis size issues. You only need to do just a very little thing – wearing it properly and in a month you will be able to see the first results, while the growth process will only be starting.