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Noose extender «Andropenis Gold»


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Andropenis extender is a classic tested device for increasing the length and girth of the penis, strengthening erection, increasing the length of the penis in a calm state and correcting penis curvature.

The mechanism of action of the device is quite simple – under the influence of tensile force, which is set by the device with the help of tuning rods (bars), penile cells undergo division and the tissues are stretched, thereby increasing the length and girt of the penis. The head is fixed in a bed by a standard mechanical method, using a loop or a loop with a thickening (Andropenis Comfort Strap). However, you can purchase a vacuum upgrade and enjoy all the advantages that come with a vacuum extender combined with European quality (the device is manufactured in Spain).

The extender is technically sophisticated and it comes with top quality, which makes this device one of the best mechanical extenders. Andropenis Gold has a lot of advantages over other noose extenders. But the most effective one as at present is vacuum extender Turbo Light Extender.

Advantages of Andropenis Gold:

  • Long-term history and practical use had an influence on the extender becoming very convenient in use.
  • New Andropenis Comfort Straps, which are a hybrid loop and strap, and have a large area of contact with the penis.
  • The device is very light – 2 times lighter than its main competitors.
  • A large range of rods, which is very convenient for most accurate setting of the working length.
  • Springs with soft movement, but at the same time giving a large load of up to 2.5 kg.
  • A large range of additional comfort accessories: Androtop, Androring, etc.
  • Some of the rods are gilded so as not to cause allergies to the delicate skin of the penis.
  • The balanced adjustment pin mechanism can be conveniently untwisted, the rods are conveniently adjusted.
  • Hardly noticeable under clothes.
  • Suitable for any penis size.
  • Warranty.
  • The device is made of top quality materials.

Complete set of Andropenis Gold:

  • The extender itself – Andropenis Gold. Assembled.
  • Extension rods (23 cm in total length).
  • A set (2 pieces) of silicone straps with an expanded middle.
  • A set (2 pieces) of silicone straps.
  • A set (2 pieces) of fabric-silicone rings.
  • 2 sets (4 pieces) of foam pads for silicone straps.
  • Instruction.
  • DVD disc.

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* The results are individual and depend on many factors, including age, genetic predisposition to the large penis, sleep patterns, exposure to stresses, the presence of bad habits such as smoking, and so on.
110 $
110 $

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