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Strap extender PeniMaster Chrome

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Penimaster Chrome - is the very first version of the Penimaster extender, a classic extender with a strap fastener. Before vacuum fixations appeared, it was one of the most comfortable mechanical extenders in the market due to the anatomical design of the surface for the head and the strap fastening with the help of latches. The extender itself is quite of good quality, made of good materials (chrome rods, fiberglass ring, etc.) and copes well with its task – increasing the penis by stretching the tissue and dividing the cells. The effectiveness of the extender has been proven by scientific and practical research.

However, taking into account the advantages of vacuum extenders, when purchasing this device, we recommend that you consider more comfortable and modern vacuum extenders, for example, Turbo Light Extender.

Advantages of Penimaster Chrome:

  • Soft and elastic straps for fixing the head
  • Anatomic surface for the penis head
  • Chromium-plated rod
  • Large complete set of rods
  • Good rod adjustment mechanism
  • A measuring scale for tracking the magnitude of tensile force
  • Latch straps in the surface, which provides more reliable mechanical fixation.
  • Warranty
  • Suitable for any size
  • You can quickly and easily upgrade the extender to a comfortable and modern vacuum, while retaining the ability to wear it as a strap

Complete set of Penimaster Chrome:

  • Extender Penimaster Chrome
  • Extension rods
  • A set (4 pieces) of anatomical fixation straps
  • A set (3 pieces) of higher-comfort silicone tapes
  • Instruction in English
  • DVD with application demonstration

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* The results are individual and depend on many factors, including age, genetic predisposition to the large penis, sleep patterns, exposure to stresses, the presence of bad habits such as smoking, and so on.
159 $
159 $

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