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After selecting a product, filling in the order form, indicating the shipping address, and making payment using one of the options available, we start processing your order. While browsing our product catalog, you can add any penis enlargement device you want to buy into the shopping cart by simply clicking on the corresponding “Add to cart” button.

We strongly recommend that you carefully read the description and characteristics of a product before purchasing. Remember that such an intimate thing as a penis enlargement device should be selected individually based on your preferences and expectations. You can listen to the advice of your friend or acquaintance, but the decision should be made by you. If you have any doubts, then contact us – our specialist will help you make the right choice.

After you have added all the models you want to purchase into your shopping cart, open it and check the number of units for each device. If you want to order for several units of the same model, enter the corresponding number in front of the name in the order form.

Next you need to fill in the fields with your personal information. Enter your contact details and shipping address. Your phone number is necessary in case there is urgent need to contact you rapidly or when we need to clarify your details.

We guarantee privacy of the entire order procedure. The details you provide in the order form will not be disclosed. The responsibility to maintain your personal information rests with our employees and you can be confident in their professional competence.