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Vacuum stretcher Turbo Stretcher


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Turbo Stretch is a stretcher for dynamic penis stretching. The advantage of this device is in its secrecy, reliability and convenience. Of course, penis extender gives better results due to greater traction, but stretchers are an excellent option for wearing when outside the home and when performing any activity.

Turbo Stretch can be worn absolutely under any clothing, it does not hamper movement and does not interfere with walking, driving, running and even with physical activities. Leg strap stretcher system is optimal – features, simple, convenient, ergonomic. It has advantages over the waist and chest stretcher due to its maximum functionality.

In combination with the newest vacuum system Turbo Vac, it becomes a favorite and convenient means for stretching the penis. The traction force for a leg strap stretcher system is up to 1.5 kg, which helps to efficiently stretch the penis, leading to an increase in both length and girth.

Advantages of Turbo Stretch:

  • The cap is made of eco-friendly acrylic.
  • Totally hidden wearing with any clothing and under all conditions.
  • Newest vacuum system Turbo VAC will allow you to wear it for hours without taking it off. The comfort of this system is so great that you can sleep wearing the stretcher without removing it!
  • The vacuum system does not interfere with blood flow of the penis.
  • The silicone elements of the sleeve and protective cap are made of 100% natural certified medical grade silicone.
  • Hardly noticeable under clothes.
  • Suitable for any size of penis.
  • Sleeves and protector caps are designed for long operation, they are very durable and reliable, and at the same time soft and elastic.
  • The stretcher is made of high quality materials.
  • Rapid growth in length, girth and also in the size of the head of the penis.
  • Improved erection quality.

Complete set of Turbo Stretch:

  • Orthopedic leg strap stretcher system with load regulation.
  • Vacuum valve cap.
  • Universal silicone sleeve.
  • Protector cap for penis head protection and comfortable wearing.
  • Vacuum hose.
  • Carabiner for using the system as a hanger.
  • Traction leg strap stretcher system made of natural cotton with adjustable width.
  • Case for carrying the set.

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* The results are individual and depend on many factors, including age, genetic predisposition to the large penis, sleep patterns, exposure to stresses, the presence of bad habits such as smoking, and so on.
69 $
69 $

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