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Vacuum extender «Turbo Light Extender»


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Turbo Light Extender is the world’s most advanced and progressive vacuum extender at the moment. It is designed for quick and effective enlargement of the penis size (length and girth) without surgery. It strengthens erection and libido, lengthens duration of sexual intercourse and increases the length of the penis in a calm state. The extender also corrects penis curvature.

The mechanism of action of the device is quite simple – under the influence of tensile force, which is set by the device with the help of tuning rods (bars), penile cells undergo division and the tissues are stretched, thereby increasing the length and girt of the penis. The penis head is fixed with the help of the latest painless vacuum fixation under which the glans penis also increases in volume, which positively affects sexual sensations in both partners.

Turbo Light is assembled in the European Union. It is 100% hypoallergenic. All its parts are made of eco-friendly materials and have a quality certificate.

The extender is fitted with the most powerful springs in the world (up to 4.5 kg) and patented Turbo Pro© spinning system. In a compartment with the most comfortable fastener and European quality, this device will allow you to quickly achieve your goals, increase your penis by 5cm or more, while enjoying the extension process and watching as your penis grow by the second!

Advantages of Turbo Light Extender:

  • Ultra lightweight medical steel design. The weight of the device when assembled is just 75 grams!
  • The supplies are durable and soft.
  • The price is 3 times lower than that of other vacuum extenders, while quality and efficiency is even higher.
  • A large range of rods for maximum accurate setting of the working length (up to 29 cm!)
  • Springs with a soft movement, but at the same time giving a high load of up to 4.5 kg.
  • Scale for monitoring the load level, balanced adjustment of the pin mechanism.
  • Turbo Pro© professional rod unscrewing system
  • A large range of additional comfort accessories: sleeves and protector caps.
  • The extender is fully assembled in the European Union and has successfully undergone all clinical trials.
  • Penis head protection system with protector caps.
  • The extender is barely visible under the clothes, so it can be worn at work.
  • Fits any penis size.
  • 100% quality materials, medical grade silicone
  • Large fastening area, soft and painless in wearing.
  • Simple and fast in wearing/removing.
  • Does not interfere with any activity: sleeping, running, and even playing sports.
  • Convenient and smooth, anatomically correct base for the penis, which eliminates pressure on the pubis.
  • A medical device with clinically proven efficiency.

Complete set of Turbo Light Extender:

  • The extender itself – Turbo Light Extender. Assembled.
  • Extension rods (29 cm in total length).
  • Vacuum valve cover.
  • Universal silicone sleeve.
  • Protector/protective cap for the head.
  • Modification platform.
  • Vacuum carabiner for load suspension.
  • Vacuum hose.
  • Travel pouch.
  • Package/ box.
  • Instruction.

  Turbo Light Extender Андропенис Gold Penimaster Pro Penimaster Chrome
Краткая характеристика Экстендер с прогрессивным анатомичным вакуумным креплением Экстендер с петлевым креплением, а также жгутиковым с площадкой комфорта Экстендер с вакуумным креплением предыдущего поколения Экстендер с ремешковым креплением
Эффективность Максимальная Высокая Высокая Средняя
Назначение Увеличение пениса, коррекция искривления. Улучшает эрекцию, повышает либидо и сексуальную выносливость, рост головки члена Увеличение пениса, повышение либидо, восстановление крайней плоти Увеличение пениса, повышение либидо, восстановление крайней плоти Увеличение пениса, повышает либидо
Компфорт Максимальный Средний Высокий Средний
Комплектаци Экстендер, набор штанг 28 см., 3 шт. колпака разных размеров, 2 шт. силиконовых рукава, 2 шт. протекторных колпачка для защиты головки, 2 шт. усиленных пружин, система для подвешивания грузов и создания вакуума. Экстендер, набор штанг 24 см, 2 шт. силиконовых ремешков, 2 шт. тканево-силиконовых колец, 4 шт. паралоноввых подушечек. Экстендер, набор штанг 32 см, вакуумная камера в сборе, вакуумная груша, 6 шт. мембран и 6 шт. шлюзов Экстендер, набор штанг 32 см, 4 шт. ремешков, 3 ленты комфорта.
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* The results are individual and depend on many factors, including age, genetic predisposition to the large penis, sleep patterns, exposure to stresses, the presence of bad habits such as smoking, and so on.

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