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Vacuum pump Turbo Pump

This professional vacuum pump is a wonderful device for increasing penis length, enlarging its girth, strengthening erection and training the male sexual power. The pump is also an excellent tool for dispersing blood and preventing stagnation. Vacuum pump is a classic all over the world, it is recommended by the world’s best urologists both for penis enlargement and for treatment of various sexual disorders.

There are a lot of different penis training pumps in the world, but 98% of them are not suitable for penis enlargement and training due to the inconvenient design, weak pumps, inconvenient base, etc. The Chinese trash, which has filled up sex shops, are known for these shortcomings.

Turbo Pump is a real medical grade pump for penis enlargement. It features all the advantages of real vacuum-air pumps that ensure penis enlargement.

Advantages of Turbo Pump:

  • • A manometer for exact vacuum measurement and is necessary for tracking load during trainings with the pump.
  • • The flasks are equipped with a soft wide base, which does not press on the pubis and helps to perform very long trainings.
  • • The soft silicone comfort cushions soften the base even more strongly. And take your trainings to a new level even under high loads.
  • • Super-transparent medical acrylic flasks help to accurately monitor the condition of the penis in the flask.
  • • A quick disconnect button allows you to detach the hose during the pumping session, and engage in your other affairs! Very convenient!
  • • Professional premium-class brass pump powerfully, quickly and conveniently. Fitted with a quick vacuum release button
  • • The flasks are fitted with a measuring scale to track progress in penis enlargement.

Complete set of Turbo Pump:

  • Premium-class brass pump with manometer - 1 pc.
  • Acrylic flask with scale - 1 pc.
  • Elastic hose - 2 pcs.
  • Comfort cushion - 1 pc.
  • Box.

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* The results are individual and depend on many factors, including age, genetic predisposition to the large penis, sleep patterns, exposure to stresses, the presence of bad habits such as smoking, and so on.
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